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In the access tab, you can manage all your collaborators, give them specific roles within a team, and assign them to certain projects.

Table of contents

  1. Roles
  2. Projects
  3. Inviting members


Currently, a collaborator can have one of two roles.
A role is determined on a per-team basis, not on a per-project basis.

role Description
admin administer projects and manage team members
collaborator create, edit, and delete projects


A member has only access to projects they’re assigned to.

Inviting members

You can only invite new team members if you have the admin role or you are the team owner.

You invite new members by clicking on the Invite User button while you are at the access tab in your team dashboard.

Now you can enter their email address, which role they have, and which projects there are allowed to work on.

In case the person is not registered yet, we’re sending an email with a registration link to the given email address. This link also adds them to your team when they are done registering.

Individuals who are invited but not registered are displayed above the member’s list under the access tab in your team’s dashboard.